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Just A Fan

~I know that this account has no been active at all for a while but I had some free time this weekend so I thought I might update. I might start updating more often. This isn’t a typical imagine, but I’ve never seen anyone write one quite like this. -Lyndsey~

My friend and I had been waiting for hours to get inside the venue. We’ve been dying to meet One Direction since we first heard their song on the radio. We stood outside of 4 concert venues previous to this one. We hoped this time, we would actually get in.

We were right. We got in. We had our T-Shirts and CD’s and all our merch. We have waited ears for this very moment to meet the 5 gods we obsess over. As we entered the room, you could see the smiles on their faces. They looked almost forced. I imagine they’re tired and just want to go home. I understand, they’ve been on your for around 8 months.

As we approached the table, we set out CD’s on the table and watched them get passed down the line. Each boy looked up and smiled at us. It was so amazing to meet them in person. They were real. Not just pictures, but actual human beings that were breathing the same air as I was and had a life just like everyone else, just glorified.

After each had signed our CD’s, we walked out, hoping that a fanfiction moment would carry out, where one of the boys would come after us and ask us out for coffee, but that never happened. That’s when we both realized; we were nothing to them. We were just 2 faces out of the millions that they have seen. We were nothing special. We had no meaning to them but just another fan. They were our lives, we were just a random face in theirs.
We were just fans. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a fan.

Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure most British people do, I'm Australian and we use "british English" (I think it's called but you know what I mean, not "American English") and we say maths here. Idk I could be wrong.


I’m not sure but like I said. My moms family is all British and none of them say maths. I could also be wrong.

Anonymous asked: Don't the British say "maths" instead of "math"?


I don’t know. My cousin is British and he doesn’t.



2013 was five years ago let that sink in


Basic maths…

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Drunk texts

Hii therw! How did I gett yhis numbrr? Ur pictr is prety so wer boyfrend gurlfrend noww okey? Okey by new gurlfren!

Louis: Y/N! I foun someon whu looooks jus lik yuh! 2 bad itz not bcz i mis yuh. Okey. Call yuh tomorow! Luvv yuh!!!1

OMGG Y/N gess wat! I meet som fans tuday whu said yu weree prety! Gud to kno th fans ar axceptin us! Okey gots to go! Luff yu!1!

OMG Y/N can we, lik, go to LA? Oopps Liam tol me we alredy ar! Oopps! I spilld mi drink! Got tu go! Byeeee!1

U shud come down here an get som drinks wit us! El also needs som help gettin home! Plezz!

A/N: it’s just a short pref before I repost the “meet at a party” preference. I know there are misspellings and hope you can figure out why.


Anonymous asked: Preference based on little white lies PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER



Anonymous asked: YOU WANT REQUESTS?


Yesssss please!🙏

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